Pear scab


Looks like my pear tree which got damaged have pear scab on fruits. Do you know is fruit that kind of you can eat if it matures? Didn’t see that disease on leaves much. We have had rainy weather here. When searched on this it is wet weather which cause this disease. My another pear looks like not having this disease. I think i have might have this disease before, in some fruits but not all years. Although i have not wrote anything down about it. I think i have years when there was not this disease. So it seems like if there is less rainy days then you might not get it.

It depends how badly they are scabbed, really bad and the fruits are ruined; not so bad and you can just cut out the bad bits.

You might want to spray for it next year, after petal fall is the time to spray.

Scottfsmith hi

I think when I last looked them they had one dot on them, so not completely covered with them. Don’t know if they are eat able as they are not ripe yet, if they can make to ripen after damage which they suffered.

Whats this on my chojuro and ubileen?