Pear variety identification

A friend of mine a few blocks away moved into a house this winter and he has a ~25 foot pear in his backyard. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you were in his back yard. He told me to come pick all I want when I think they are ready and it is loaded from top to bottom. Any ideas on variety?


Looks like it could be a good find and has survived disease pressure!


I will take more pics closer to ripening time. I sure hope taste makes me want to collect some scionwood this winter for us.

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@clarkinks I picked a few off the mystery variety tree today. I know you were thinking it had atleast some Bartlett in the genetics. @snowflake is thinking Bartlett too. These pics help you out at all? Thanks


Yes I know that pear but I can’t remember what it is. It’s not Bartlett unless you see one now and again with a red blush.

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Nope, no red blush to any of them!