Pecan... redux & Q?

That ‘Pecan’ thread is so long(400+ posts) I can never get to the bottom of it…so, starting a new incarnation of it, with a question

Looking for input… son and DIL have purchased a home in Silver Spring MD. Room for a couple of pecans, in addition to various fruit and berry plants.
I’ve grafted (Converse)Major and Kanza - both high-quality nuts with good scab resistance and compatible pollen-shed/nutlet receptivity patterns, and intend to ferry them up for planting in a few weeks.
Wondered if any of you folks up in that area of the country, or elsewhere, for that matter, see any problems with those varieties in that location… or if there are better possibilities that I should consider?

I’ve never looked into the Converse sport. What is different vs the original?

Suggest looking heavily at Oswego if there is room for another tree.

or ‘Hark’, Lucky. That’s pollen shed 1 and Kanza pollen shed 2. perfect overlap. Brittan has tons of them grafted.

I looked at the frost free days for Silver Springs (188) and the cooling degree days and heating degree days and that’s prime pecan territory.


My Kanza is around five years old and is dong fine but no nuts yet so no information on scab on the fruit. The leaves have always been clean, no problems at all.

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Converse sport, found by Henry Converse, as a limb in a Major tree in his Paducah orchard that routinely produced nuts 10-15% larger than normal. Otherwise, it’s Major.

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What other pecan(s) are you growing, Scott?


I have a Caddo and a Peruque. The Peruque I tried grafting over to Major for several years but my pecan grafting skills were no good and I eventually gave up.