Pecan seedlings and when to graft


I germinated 20 Kanza Pecan seedlings this spring. After the seeds germinated, I transferred them to a double stack of tall 2 gallon pots, that’s a pot with a second pot with the bottom removed on top, so as to provide more depth of soil. I am sure this wasn’t good enough or deep enough…
In any case the seedlings all lived and grew a reasonable amount this year. So my question is , should I try to graft these this coming spring, or, should I plant them out, wait a few years, and then graft at this point?

Thanks in advance!!


Stem diameter determines whether or not they can be grafted. The minimum diameter is usually 5/16 inch and the largest is 7/8 inch. Overall best results will be for stem sizes between 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch. This applies for various whip and tongue or omega grafts. Larger trees can still be grafted, but a bark graft has to be used. The trees can be grafted for your area from roughly mid March through mid June with April to mid May being giving decent success while earlier and later may be problems. You might want to look up Barkslip’s information about using a heat tube to enhance callus formation.


Thanks! I will check that out!


Callus Pipe 50$

A couple bricks to raise it and you’re in. Hey, I’m curious what height your Kanza seeds grew to in that system, please?



Tallest is maybe 18” tall, shortest is maybe 10” tall. I think I could have gotten them bigger but I was Greenhouse growing them and of course I got a terrible mite outbreak late summer which I am certain set them back somewhat. As far as stem caliper, most of them are on par with most Apple rootstock I’ve ever bought.