Pecan varieties resistant to heat shock

Hello Jose! Nice to meet you here. I m in Germany, but we have a farm in the High Land Area of Antipolo/Philippines, where is a summer between end of July and middle of May… There we grow Philippine Mangoes, Durian, Coconuts, Bougainv. Rambutan. Jack Fruit, different Kinds of Citrus, Mangostane, many Guave, together with Banana trees. Starting June/ July begins the rainy season, fruits are ripe in August/ September. But there are 5 different climate regions.

Hi i wanted to ask you when should i remove the rubber band and elastic band. For now it seems that 4 or 5 graft are succesfull on 15 witch is not very good but this spring was pretty cold here, that can be an explanation and it was my first time grafting like this… I think that next year i’ll try to graft in winter on a hot pipe callus. What’s the good period to try to T budding my graft failure, august?
Thank you!

Graft bands and wraps can be removed after a foot of new growth. Budding pecan can be done in mid-July to early August.

Thank you Darrel!

You guys are pretty awesome. I’ve been reading over the Forum. I am trying to plant some pecan trees on our property in the South and I am not having much luck because im absent. I planted a couple of the Sterlings on our property on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Lost The graft on one of them. It appears that one of the root stocks is still living. I can’t remember which variety it was I believe it was the Sterling. Never grafted before in my life LOL I’m just wondering if it’s possible to just regraft this pecan tree.

I regrafted an Avalon on the rootstock from which an Avalon had died 2 years ago. It has 3 feet of new growth. Pecan is difficult to very difficult to graft. You can do it if you take appropriate steps.

If you look at Basspecan’s website, you will note they sold the pecan tree business. I swapped a few messages with Max about it a day or two ago.

Hello >fusion_power< ! Can you sent me pictures of grafting wallnuts and pecans on my Email adress: Best Regards

You can easily find videos on grafting pecan on youtube. Cathy Browne gives a good demo of 4 flap.

And here is an inlay bark graft which is used on stock from 3 cm up to 16 cm diameter.