Peeling bark and cracks peach tree


Help! My 15 yr old peach is not looking well. Large sections of bark are peeling off and revealing wood that appears nearly dead. Many of the new red shoots are dry. We are in S Cal north of San Diego.

Here’s another pic of the tree

Maybe some sunscald? 15 years is pretty good for a peach - although I do come from a harsher climate than yourself. Have you cut into the shoots to look for green - they seem fine to me.

And another showing more “dead” wood under peeling bark.

Most of the shoots are green. But it’s the dead wood under the peeling bark that concerns me most.
So 15 yrs is about it for the life of a peach?

Time to plan on a replacement

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In your climate a peach should do 20-30 yrs. But if the trees get too dry you can get sunburned branches like that. There are many other reasons for a peach to die at 15 or before.

Yes think about a new tree. That one might last many more yrs but it’s on it’s way out.