Pepita pumpkin variety recommendations?

I was wondering if any of you have go to varieties to grow your own pepitas. Looking for a variety with large yields, vigor, disease resistance, and maybe one with shorter vines for growing in a smaller space.

Any and all experience/advice welcome.

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Are you looking for hull-less seed? And do you want an edible squash/pumpkin?

Some possibilities

Styrian hull-less also known as Kakai is a decent seed producer.

Long Pie is a pretty good pie type with seed that can be baked/parched and eaten.

Gills Golden Pippin, Scarchuks Supreme, and Winter Luxury are all very good for cooking/eating/pies.

Of the cheese type (C. Moschata), Cow and Seminole are highly productive.

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Yes, hull-ess since my main interest is in the pepitas but I may try out some of your other suggestions as well. Looks like I’ll give styrian a shot. Do you know what the yields are like for you on a per plant basis?

3 to 5 fruit per plant is average, caution that Styrian is known for rampant growth.

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Lovely, seeds purchased! Thanks again!