Persimmon 90 or 60

Hello all! I have some scion wood ordered,around 20 pieces.Mostly American Leman/ Claypool and a few hybrids.I live in Mississippi and was wondering would it male a difference if I used 60 chromosome rootstock feom Missouir forestry or 90 from Blue Hill? The 90 from Blue hill supposedly is Leman seedlings.The Blue Hill seedling cost about 6$ apiece and the Missouri would be around 50 cents a piece

I don’t know if it’s actually 60 chromosome from MO (I’m pretty sure it’s 90), but that’s what I use. No ill effects so far, and my trees have made it through three New Hampshire winters so far. This last one was brutal on trees with marginal hardiness due to the warm weather followed by a sudden really cold snap. The persimmon’s didn’t notice a thing.

I think the 90 come from up north

@Jeremy … I am in southern TN… and grafted several american and hybrids this spring to wild rootstock that just grow like weeds in my fields.

Had very good success with both.

Many have grown over 6 ft already and one JT02 has put on over 9 ft of growth.

Southern TN should have 60C persimmons… but i dont know for sure what mine are. I have read that KY is known to have both 60 and 90… i suppose southern TN could as well.

What ever I have is working very good.

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It’s a little more complicated than that. There’s not as clear a boundary as is often reported. And it’s more south of the Ohio, East of the Mississippi. This makes is a vast oversimplification, but it has MO as 90 chromosome.

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