Persimmon Dormancy in my Greenhouse: 20 Cultivars

Greenhouse is equivalent to zone 9. Lots of these woke up 5-weeks ago or more. Nighttime temps in my greenhouse keep them from growing. My nighttime temps are 34-37 weather dependent.

I-115 American persimmon (dormant)

100-46 aka "Lehman’s Delight’ American persimmon (dormant)

WS8-10 aka “Barbara’s Blush” American persimmon (split scales)

Chuchupaka hybrid persimmon (dormant)

D-128 aka “Dollywood” American persimmon (dormant)

Dr. Kazas hybrid persimmon (split scales)

Gora Goverla hybrid persimmon (split scales & also the first to break dormancy)

Gora Roman Kosh hybrid persimmon (split scales)

H-118 aka “Early Jewel” American persimmon (split scales)

Kandy Korn hybrid persimmon (dormant)

Kasandra hybrid persimmon (split scales)

Pamjat Passenkova (dormant)

Rosseyanka x Honan Red hybrid-persimmon (split scales)

Sestrjonka hybrid persimmon (split scales)

Sheng kaki persimmon (split scales)

Super Rosseyanka hybrid persimmon (split scales)

Valeene Beauty American persimmon (dormant)

Yates American persimmon (dormant)

Zirochka hybrid or kaki? European sources say both for it. (split scales)

400-7 American persimmon (split scales)



Looks like you’re ready to step up when Cliff England decides to retire his grafting knife!


Looking good Dax! This 80 degrees one day and 10 degrees the next has made it pretty tough around here. Hopefully it gets it all out before apricots start blooming.

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DAX, Theeee Persimmon King!!! Are there any varieties you missed? I doubt it, you got them all.


Are you planning on selling those?

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Not this Spring. This Fall.

I’ll have to post when they go live on eBay. I’ll do it a couple weeks or 10-days days in advance… something like that.


Get a CA license soon!!! :smiley:

I’d rather send grafting wood!
What a hassle! Seriously, I’d have to pay 200$ just to have a nursery inspector for 2-hours, and then it’s crazy like 200$ for another 4-hours or something. It’s impossible for small time people.

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If your taking reservations mark me down for one Lehmans Delight.

So not worth it, what a hassle! Your collection is impressive though and not many are trying anything other than Fuyu (Jiro) - 90% or Hachiya - 10% around here. I wonder how Missouri dept of conservation sends rootstocks here without issues - may be there is a provision for university affiliated organizations. Anyway, I got some D.V rootstocks planted and potted. Will get some scions from you next season.

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@Barkslip, wow some collection. :heart_eyes:

@ZinHead you surely weren’t born yesterday …


Persimmons woke up at different times. I said something in a pm to a friend that I suspected this and the reason is the scions all came from different places so they need time to learn their new climate(s)… the deal is it really takes a couple of years I’ve noticed watching things inside greenhouses where perfect climates exist

so no documentation.