Persimmon early frost

Last year and again this year my Asian persimmon leafed out early. The tree was purchased in 1995 as Jiro. It is not Jiro but is astringent and looks like Hachiya. Had fruit yearly prior to 2014. Lost all its leaves this year after a freeze on March 29 2015. Other persimmon had not leafed out. This tree is just now starting to leaf out again. No fruit last year and I doubt that it will fruit this year.What causes it to leaf out early and loses fruit to freeze? What can be done to avoid this early leafing? My other persimmon, both asian and american are just now leafing out…

What cultivar?

Richard, The nursery that sold it to me said it was Jiro. It is not Jiro. Jiro is non-astringent. The 1995 tree is astringent Jiro is flat shape, but this fruit is like Hachiya.

Since it’s mislabeled, then it probably is Hachiya or whatever the astringent type they usually stock. They are early. I grow Izu (non-astrigent). It is just starting to leaf out. Here’s the product information from Dave Wilson:
Izu Persimmon