Persimmon getting eaten by mice?

Man what a pain. I noticed this sosnovskaja didnt wake up this spring, waited, watered, I gave it a scratch test and the rootstock was still alive, then gave it a tug and it came out very easily. As you can see the mice ate the whole root. Is this normal at all or are my mice some freak of nature… you can see the bark on the side was also eaten, that seemed more normal… I have had some persimmons die after being about 6 foot tall (3/10 that size died after being in the ground 2 years or so) I thought it was from too much woodchip mulch but now I wonder if it was also mice…

Now i am wondering how common this is for others… Discouraging…

I believe persimmon bark will kill mice.


You may need some cats to help control them before trying again. I have never seen mice do this. Could be voles?
Kent, wa


They are much smarter here, they wait until the tree has fruit and then eat the fruit,lol.

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I kind of group them all together as it is unknown, that plant was next to the house, but yeah likely voles.

We do have a couple outdoor cats but a large property and thousands of voles. I already have a lot more persimmons planted (150 ish) but not many more grafted sosnovskaja.

and not voles?

it happened to one of my young apple trees. it was voles that did it here. its easier to eat the thin bark just under the soil and the feeder roots. hate the little bastards!