Persimmon grafting question(s)


Question about seedless and grafting in other varieties. Just recently planted my first persimmon tree Fuyu seedless. Seedless is a characteristic I would like to keep. Will grafting other scions onto it cause the Fuyu to be seeded?


Only if they are male (or partially male), which usually means no.


Kelby. I see you’ve got a young MBVS in ground there. Are those rocks surrounding it for heat purposes or for eye appeal only?






What is the purpose of the foil? Are persimmon grafts sensitive to sun or is it high temperatures? I thought you were supposed to graft them when it was warm? I ask cause I have some persimmons to graft this spring, too.


Supposedly it’s to prevent dessication from direct sunlight.


It is warm. 90 degrees as I’m looking right now at the car thermometer. Remember I’m in San Diego. Foil is to deflect some of the uv light, retain heat , retain moisture and I think the graft heals better in the dark.


Large fat green buds are now emerging from the Giant Fuyu bark grafts that were made 24 days ago. I’ll remove the lunch bag placed over the top when I see a sizable leaf.


Took the bag off recently. Looks like 3 for 3. This is giant fuyu on d. Lotus.


Here is a 4 in 1 in the works on d. Lotus. Scions are fuyu-jiro, giant fuyu, tam kam and izu.


The last one follows Tam Kam should be Izu persimmon.



Yes it should. Originally it was Uzi. So ya I am grafting Israeli machine guns to my persimmons. Aren’t you? Autocorrect also changed giant fuyu to giant duty which is also amusing.


just make sure you brace them later to prevent wind breakage. I have a 8 years old Nikita’s Gift that I multi-grafted Rossyanka, Tam Kam, Cinebuli, JT-02 to it 2 years ago.



I have the brace in place on the unbagged one. So I’m all set!


Wow this graft of giant fuyu is putting on huge leaves. Nice growth in the union too.

The 4 in one is doing okay. Interestingly the giant fuyu on this guy is doing the worst.


Many persimmon grafting threads here. Everybody seems to do late spring grafting of persimmon. But no body seems to do summer grafting. Is it a bad idea to graft persimmon in this weather?

I have a seedling persimmon that I planted in April this year. It’s the fastest grower in the yard and is doing very wel. It’s an American persimmon. Male or female I don’t know. I’m thinking about grafting to it now or this fall because I can get a piece of wood from my neighbor who has an unknown Asian variety. I’m thinking if I graft this season, it’ll get over whatever the shock it has to go through and get growing next season. Any thoughts on this? Will I not gain much by doing it now vs waiting till spring?


I just checked your location. You are in PA. In summer and the fall, chip bud grafting works very well . But there is a problem how the grafted buds can survive the harsh winter in PA. Most Asian persimmons just can be hardy to zone 6. So I suggest you wait till spring.


I would reccomend waiting because the plant loses a lot of energy when you cut the whole top off to graft. I grafted some persimmon rootstocks the first year I planted them and many died. The few that lived didn’t grow much, and a few of those didn’t make it through the winter. The established rootstocks that I grafted in early May after frost danger was past did amazing and they have grown like CRAZY. Many of them are taller then I am, with multiple trunks. I chip budded a few this summer, as an experiment, but I doubt they are going to do as well, or grow as fast as they would have if I had just waited until next year and dormant grafted.

I used a cleft graft on all of them, and had a very good take rate. (Not counting what I grafted too early that went through a hard frost… many of those died)


Thank you both. Definitely don’t want another dead or stunt tree. I will wait then.