Persimmon Leaf Help

Can anyone give me a hand with the problem on this persimmon. All of the newer persimmons look like this while older ones seem unaffected.

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Are these leaves getting direct sun?

At certain points there is full sun, but not constant. They are fresh in the ground this year.

It could be psyllid damage - they usually miss the first flush of persimmon leaves in my yard and then hit the new growth and make the leaves deformed like that. You can look for small insects covered with a white waxy coating like mealybugs often have hanging out inside the curled leaves.

My established trees still yield a crop in spite of the leaf damage. It’s difficult to spray the psyllids because they are protected in the leaves, and when I’ve tried to kill them by hand I often damage the new leaves in the process. It only seems to be a big problem for new grafts and very young trees that break bud later than most.

That sounds about right. Insects always target the weakest first. These were recently planted while older ones seem unaffected. Although in my case the new growth is so far unaffected. I gave them a combo spray of insecticide and fungacide. Hopefully establishment does not get set back from leaf loss.