Persimmon leaves deformed

OK my Asian persimmons are all starting to grow puckery malformed leaves. First foot of growth looks great. Now multiple trees, all asian are not developing correctly. I don’t SEE any insects messing with them. I’m not sure that it is caused by fertilizer or not but I doubt it.

Anyone else ever see such a thing?

Any suggestions?

Central GA

How are they malformed? Is it similar to:

Insects causing damage very often go unseen. Disease is also a possibility. A couple photos would help pinpoint the issue.

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Asian persimmon damaged leaves

The American persimmons were barely affected, but there was some damage

On my two wild americans grown from seed… i had some off leaf curl stuff happening.

I found the critter causing the problem… folks here IDd it as Psyllid.

Some good pics at the link above.


Persimmon psyllid, these same fellows helped me identify it on my Fuyu trees a few weeks back. Look for this little tiny black gnat looking insect and white aphid looking bugs up under those leaf curls


OK mystery solved. Article linked suggests some kind of an agricultural oil. So I will give that a try.

Thanks so much for the help and advice

God’s blessing upon you!