Persimmon puddjng cake

Found this on youtube… looks good.


A couple years ago I made persimmon pudding from Saijo…man was that good.

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Are there carbs in that recipe?

I don’t know where my brother’s friend got the idea, but he insisted we make a test batch of persimmon pudding with a teaspoon of soy sauce. OMG! Sooooo incredible! I urge you to try a tablespoon of whipped cream with just a single droplet of soy sauce to understand the complexity it adds.

@SoCalGardenNut … YES… not for me but others may enjoy as is.

I would have to do some serious keto conversions to make that. Almond flour, sugar alcohols or stevia… I am better off… sticking to eating one fresh persimon every once in a while.

Wish i could eat a pile of that… hopefully you can or others.

If you do get to make that sometime… warm it up and put a scoop of valilla ice cream on it. I sure would if I could. Maby sometime at Christmas… or Thanksgiving… i usually go off track a bit on those days.

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Thanks @TNHunter, I like to eat my persimmon fresh too.

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Looks delicious!

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