Persimmon root cuttings


Anyone have personal experience with this method ? I can’t find much on this .


I considered it, but propagation from seed is so easy. I just plant them and wait till they hit about 1" in diameter and then bark graft them. I have tried to propagate them using a cloning machine (subterranean irrigation) with both hard and soft wood cuttings with no success.


I know this is an old thread but i have tried and sometimes succeed with root cuttings. It is not easy with persimmon , i tried many methods.Next i hope to try , collect root cuttings late summer early fall, pot, place in warm area around 75-80F for 2-4 weeks to develop buds, chill during winter. Plant out in spring.

I did actually root a leafed out persimmon cutting once but that is near impossible.


Any success stories rooting persimmons lately?


Taproot is important with persimmon tree’s


Not so much. I used a root pruning container system with the persimmons I grew from seed. As long as I did sufficient timely transplants until they filled a 3 gal RB2, they did very well in the field with the tap root air pruned at about 4".

Root pruning systems may not work as well in arid climates but they work great here. The root system is much denser sooner with many more terminal tips that improve uptake efficiency, however, regardless of efficiency, and root system can only use what it can reach. Root pruning systems can work well even in arid climates if supplemental water is applied as needed until the tree is fully established. You can also use larger containers with additional transplants before final planting, but in my area 3 gal seems to be sufficient with no supplemental water.


How are the DV grafts from several years ago doing? Does the deer coming for the drop fruits? Chestnuts project doing Ok? Jujube ?


The Nikita’s Gift grafts are doing well. Each tree is producing persimmons. They do not fall from the trees. The stem is very strong. When they were ripe last year, I picked a few and I had to pull quite hard before the stem would break. I presume they would be rotten by the time the stem desiccated enough for them to fall. The trees are not tall enough for them to be out of reach of the deer. Nothing touched them until ripe and I presume that is due to the astringency. They were very sweet and tasted great to me. They probably won’t make a great wildlife tree in the long-run, but i’ll enjoy them.

I noticed that the trees I tubed and pruned are out of the 5’ tubes and taking more of a tree form. Those that I did not tube or cage are taking a bush like form. I’ve noticed little if any browse pressure on them. They just seem to like to be bush-like.

The chestnut project is doing great. Many of those Dunstans are now producing nuts. The TIgertooth Jujube are doing fine. Those that I cut down and grafted to other varieties are still alive and well, but not growing or producing like the Tigertooth. Those tigertooth that I started from root cuttings are alive and growing slowly but just don’t seem to be as vigorous. I had an issue with the way I planted my original TIgertooths. I foolishly dug a large hole and amended the soil in my heavy clay before planting the bare root seedlings. The roots stayed in that hole and the trees grew great above ground. We had a wind storm that blew some of them over. I ended up uprighting them and staking them and then dumping a couple FEL buckets of native clay on top and mounding it around them. That seemed to solve the problem and they are now producing well again.

For the last year or so, I’ve been working with apples. I grew some from seed and then grafted them over to disease resistant named varieties. I then started doing more disease resistant varieties on M111 (suited for my clay). This should give me a mix of full size and semi-dwarf trees. I only have nominal apple production at this point. Most of my scions have come from GRIN.

Hope all is going well with you. Did that Tigertooth root cutting I sent ever take off? Since Tigertooth are self pollinating, I’m wondering if growing them from seed would be just as effective with more vigorous trees than root cuttings. I presume a self-pollinating tree would be closer to being true to seed.


Sounds like all your fruit projects are doing well. My dream plan is to go after the club apples like Envy or Kiku. This may require lots of crossing. Btw, the Tiger tooth jujube needs a long season for the fruits to ripen so I topworked it to Honey Jar. I will be grafting some new jujube varieties for trial in a month or so like New Jin 4, Sandia…from Dr Yao. So much varieties to choose! I also topworked 90% of my persimmon trees to JT-02. This Hybrid can handled my Z5 to -20F.



Years ago I bought paw2 from I believe Keeling nursery, they came with beautiful big footballs. Unfortunately they all died, except one a Wabash. This one is still small, maybe 18” tall. All my other paw2 are doing great, too great in fact. Best luck?, seed grown for persimmon to.
I guess constant moisture is the answer.