Persimmon scionwood exchange

I am looking to exchange (or sell) persimmon scionwood. I have the following in varying quantities:

Lehman 100-46
Claypool H118
Claypool I-94 Valeene Beauty
Lehman Celebrity
Lehman WS-8-10 Barbara's Blush
Claypool L-89
Claypool A-3 (not A-33)

I am looking for:
Cold Hardy Hybrid persimmons
Quince cuttings (blight resistant varieties)

Would you mind if I move your post to the Trading Post category? That’s where people look to exchange scionwood.

sure, I am sorry I did not realize there was a special section, but I do not see the trading post category…

On the top of the page, you will see a symbol of three short lines, click on it
List of categories should show up.
If you don’t see the Trading Post category, click on the word Categories.
List of categories should show up.

Check this out, too. FAQs For New Members

I have Rosseyanka and Prok.

You are at a level 0 so at this point, you cannot do much. You need to keep reading and posting. Your engagement will elevate your level and allow you more access.

The system is set up this way to prevent strangers from coming in asking for scinwood and takng off. We would like members to contribute even for reading and asking a few questions.


I undestand now, thank you, I am working towards the badges.

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okay, send me PM about quantities