Persimmon Spring Leaf Times

So I posted a Persimmon Cold Hardiness Resource topic for us to post our winter cold test & experience lists.
But, Another list we in the midwest especially need, is a list on spring leaf out times. Especially for us midwesterners, we need those cultivars that leaf out the latest to avoid some of the late freeze damage since that is so common here in the midwest, inland or also in high elevation locations!

Are any of yall up to the fun of compiling your trees and which are earliest versus latest to leaf out in your orchard. Include dates or days (and order of leafout) so we can see how many days later your latest one is from your earliest to break dormancy. And please include zone and state.

This will be a very useful resource for us all! Perhaps we can keep it going for a few years and gain great info! We probably need to do this with other fruits as well. :slight_smile: