Persimmon tips died

All of my tips died on my two persimmons I planted as bare roots in March and they have not been growing for the last 2 months either. We have had a lot of rain so I have not been watering them that much but usually I was watering them once every 3 days in our 90° weather. Could this be a sign of too much water, not enough water or not enough fertilizer? I only added fertilizer about 30 days ago and still no change. I do have a layer of Sandy clay about a foot and a half down and I noticed sometimes in heavy rain the water will run down that layer

A lot of my persimmons lose their tips due to bugs. The swollen bud below will take over…maybe even this season. My persimmons usually have two solid growth spurts a season.


So basically the same thing happened to me and also got suggested it was insects. I ended up hitting it with 4-4-4 slow release and a dose of liquid fish fertilizer 5-0-0. We have continued to have above average rainfall for this time of year. I have not watered other than to feed with the fish fertilizer, I suspect it was an over watering issue.

Now this is the result to ease your mind:


It’s nothing to worry about. This happens a lot to my trees. It’s like the tree wants to stop growing and sheds the tiny leaves at the very tip at times. As Beetree said, the swollen buds below will eventually take over and start growing.


Also bare root persimmons can be finicky. Some can take a season or 2 to settle in. I’ve had a few bare root plantings only leaf out and barely grow at all the first season. Also had some that grew 4-5 feet the first season.

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