Persimmon tree selection zone for landscaping & fruit

Hi everyone. I am a slowly landscaping my small yard & want a persimmon tree for fall foliage. My husband who is in failing health is retiring soon & he had tasted a hachiya several years back & has wanted his own tree ever since, so when he is home full time he can enjoy it. Because I am a new user I can’t post pictures but the site it would go is adjacent to a built in jacuzzi in ground & I was hoping the tree would drape down or over so I could enjoy the fall foliage from inside our house where there is an overhang. So I cant have one with super invasive roots and it can’t be so tall & upright that the leaves are above the overhang (the yard steps up) because then we won’t be able to see the tree from inside which is going to be beautiful draping over the jacuzzi area in the fall. There is so much information on the taste of the fruits but little on those of us who care as much about the landscaping beauty of these trees. I am leaning toward the Semi Dwarf hachiya, Semi Dwarf Saijo, The Giamo or Nikitas gift.
Any other information you can give me would be great. Thank you so much. I’m sorry I can;t post pictures.


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Welcome to the forum! What climate and general region do you live in? Some persimmons are hardier than others.