Persimmon tree transplanting/planting help

Hi guys, I just recently brought two persimmon trees but they did not come in dormant to be transplanted outdoor like I wanted. Would it still be ok to transplant them outside after I have acclimate them since it’s still spring. Or should I plant them in a large container and transplant them next year when it’s dormant? Thanks for the guidance. God bless.

If they are potted, you can plant them outside still. There is no difference in planting them in the ground and planting them into a new container really. The container is just easier to control environment variables. I would go ahead and plant them, or you could leave them in pots until Fall and plant them then. I think for zones 7 and below fall plantings are actually considered the best, instead of spring plantings.
I tend to go by what my old local nursery used to say, if we can get a shovel in the ground, we can plant.

Heat of the summer is the only not good time to plant. It’s still early spring and a good time to plant. You may want to cut that pot off instead of trying to pull it out. Persimmons do not like to come out with the dirt and they can be damaged in the process. Trust me I paid to learn that.

Thanks for the replies and tips! I will plant one in container and the other in ground to see how they both fair. Thanks again.

Agree, if you are past frosty nights in at least low 40s it’s ok to go outside, but make sure the hole drains well, persimmons don’t like wet feet