Persimmon trees not leafing

I guess i’ll watch it over the course of this year, i will then judge if the tree actually grows or if its way too much damage!
Thanks for the support!

I have a similar question. I planted a miss kim persimmon last September (on d.v. rootstock). It had buds that seemed to be swelling a bit earlier this spring, but it never leafed out. I did a scratch test and didn’t see any green tissue. About a week ago it started sprouting from the roots. Should I let the rootstock grow? I’ve never grafted before, but perhaps I could experiment next year with grafting. If the previous graft died would that suggest reduced success in the future? I also have a very small yard and if it’s unlikely to be successful, I might replace this one (or maybe pot it up and give grafting a shot that way?).

I would just dig it up and put another one in ASAP but I’m a very impatient gardener. I have many replacements in pots just waiting for something to underperform or die. No spot stays empty for long in my small yard.

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