Persimmon u-pick

I am looking for persimmon u-pick near me (NE Ohio) for 2023. Any suggestions? I saw a posting for u-pick in NC but can’t find it now.

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You can pick these in central ohio. There are 5 fruiting in this location 2 of which have already dropped the majority and the remaining 3 are still ripening.


Great! Thanks! I will go next weekend.

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Awesome, enjoy! This the North Chadwick arboretum. The Chadwick arboretum is a minute down the road and may have more as well.

Also expect traffic if it’s an OSU home game day when you go

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Jujube, thanks ever so much! Heavy winds on Saturday brought a few down. The majority are hanging tight and rock hard. Maybe after they freeze a few times they will soften. Interesting how much variation there is in drop times.


thanks for pointing me to north chadwick. I went a couple of times. I also found that there is an interactive map of osu:


I went to chadwick today. The one tree was so overloaded that the top broke out.


Definitely some mature and heavy crops! Most still aren’t ready yet! I’ll be revisiting soon myself. I have many seedlings started from these trees :grin: