Persimmons, 2019


I have no known males around, yet I get seeded fruit. So, there must be a male somewhere, or a tree is pushing out both male and female flowers. The odd thing is that kasandra and NG are at different properties, two blocks away from each other, and both are seeded.


The American persimmon parent probably push out male flowers.


I’ve heard that Imoto Fuyu produces male flowers. Have you noticed any male flowers on that tree or more seeds on trees located closer to that one?


I have never noticed male flowers on the Imoto, neither on the NG. I can look more closely next spring. The Imoto had few flowers this year due to dieback from last winter. Tony’s rationale makes sense, especially for the Kasandra, because the Imoto is not located at that property. I live in an urban area where there likely would be no native persimmon trees around.


If you still have the Kasandra seeds, I would love to grow out some seedlings of it for trial.



I still have the seeds, was thinking of making persimmon coffee out of them. But I’ll separate them and send them to you.


So i bought some grocery store fuyu persimmons because you guys have been talking about them and seem to like them. Should i let them ripen until they are soft and wrinkled? So far i have not been a fan of the few grocery store persimmons i have eaten, but liked the wild american ones the few times i have tried them. Do you think the bag and alcohol method would make these fuyus taste better? Or any reccomendations for the non tree ripened fuyu fruit? (Cooked or dessert style?)


I bought a couple of fuyus last year. One I ate and it was okay. The other I put in the pantry and forgot it. I found it about three weeks later and it was soft. It tasted much better but still is not as good as an astringent variety.


These are the Tam Kam that have been sitting on the table for 2 weeks and now they are barely soft and so so sweeeet.



You’re able to get Hachiya to survive in zone 6, and fruit before frost? Do you wrap it?


Thanks guys i will aim for that!


Hachiya does not do well in NJ. That one is from my mom’s house in central NJ… It barely survived last year, and with this year’s early cold spell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it completely dies. We do not wrap it… If it does, I would replace it in a second with a cold hardy hybrid.


Grocery store fuyus can be real hit or miss. I’ve had some that taste basically like mild sugar water that you have to chew, and I’ve had some that have nice clean persimmon flavor and good sweetness. The fuyus I bought in Florida last week were much better than what I can usually get here in NH (and cheaper!). All else being equal, a given fuyu will be at it’s best when slightly soft, as Tony said. To my tastes, the average hachiya is way better than the average fuyu, and the average wild D. virginiana better still. There are definitely exceptions to this, and YMMV.


The best Hachiya I’ve had are better than the best Fuyus I’ve had, but some grocery store Hachiya’s seem to have no window of optimal eating. They go from astringent to runny, stringy mess. I’d rather have a bland Fuyu than one of those.

I like astringent persimmon to be translucent and jelly like, not runny. Like you can cut it into quarters with a very sharp knife and pick up a quarter intact.


Yeah, that solid jelly stage is the best.


Do you find Hachiya is sensitive to low temperatures only or also wind chill? The spot I was hoping to plant it has high winds.


I see that you’re located in NY… So, my answer is “both”. NY, and really NJ, is too cold for Hachiya. The cold and wind chill are both not good for Hachiya in your area. I recommend you consider planting a hybrid or american variety instead.


So the ones i got were a little better (1 was medium soft) than others i have had before but it was still just kind of sweet with a very light orange marmalade thing going on? I got seven more is there any amazing dessert i should make with these? I kind of want to sprinkle cinnamon on it!


Here’s another photo of my Tecumseh tree after all the leaves have dropped because of a couple of hard freezes this past week.


I don’t know about any recipes, but I think the cinnamon could work quite well.