Persimmons, 2019


I did them both ways but the result were the same for my area because the temp was so cold.



My NG got beautiful red leaves last year when fall came in like a lamb. This year everything went from green to on the ground due to a 14 F night in early Oct. NG handled the 14 F just fine although I was a bit worried due to all the green leaves it still had; I was too busy scrambling to move in all my fig trees before they froze. NG is all bundled up now though, we got some single digits and she needed to be tucked in beforehand.


I found this the other day, some kind of "bore "in this little persimmon tree , tree is the size of my little finger , the size of the bore poop leaves little hope there is much left inside.
Amazingly it has grown as well as any similar tree.
Maybe @LarryGene , or someone can tell us what this is ?
I will dissect and post pics of the larva soon.
The white painted part is what grew from a chip bud this spring.
I find several of these each year

when grafting seedlings.


Ok , just looked it up.
Likely this;


Wow, that is scary. How horrible…


I did have a large 8-10 yr old persimmon tree snap off at ground level last yr.
now I am betting it was a bore in there.
Did not inspect it at the time.
I will if it happens again.


That’s crazy that even a small potted plant fell victim! Hope I never see that in my yard.


My NB-02 graft took. I plan to wrap that grafted branch for winter protection since it was slow growing on the 7 varieties multi grafted D.V. Did your NB-02 produces fruit yet? Taste wise?



Hi Tony, glad the NB-02 took. Hopefully it survives the winter. My NB-02 produced several fruitlets this year, but they all fell because the tree is still relatively immature despite its size. I’m hoping it’ll hold onto fruit next year. I plan on trying my Kasandra tomorrow- I wanted to give it another day. I will test it against a NG and a Hachiya. I’ll let you know my thoughts.



Yikes! The adults look just like squash vine borers. I hate borers.



Very nice collection of Hybrid persimmons. I loved the look of Chuchupaka. How hardy are these. I wish We could swap scions.



Чучупака,Сосновская,Траншейна -27C,Божий Дар -24C,Никитская Бордовая,Колгоспна -23C


Hello Vyacheslav, welcome to this forum. What can you say about Траншейна? Seeing the flowers it may serve as a pollinator. The fruits have fantastic shape but what about the taste? Hope it is better than Божий Дар. Do you think that Tam Kam can take -20°C and Gwang Yang only -18°C? Sorry to be so inquisitive… we know each other from another forum.


Picture 1: Kasandra, NG, hachiya
Picture 2: cross-sections of the three

Kasandra was the sweetest of all, followed closely by NG. Hachiya was a distant third. Kasandra had larger seeds than NG. So, given the size of fruit to seed ratio, NG might be the more enjoyable eating experience. Also, the seed sack in Kasandra was bigger… I really liked Kasandra a lot, though, as it had a more concentrated sweetness than NG.


Great infos. Hopefully, my JT-02 and Kasandra produce fruits next year so I can compare the two.



Здравствуйте Павел.Траншейна цветёт мужскими,и двумя видами женских цветов,хороший зимостойкий опилитель для виргинской,гибридной и восточной хурмы.На фото второй вид плодов,семена отсутствуют,вкус хороший,но Божий Дар вкуснее.Первый вид плодов крупнее,и не такой вытянутый.Tam Kam,Gwang Yang,Maekawa Jiro и Saijo ниже -20C у меня не видели,пока…Другие прошли через -23 -24C.


Hello Pavel. Transheynaya blooms with male and two types of female flowers, it’s a good hardy pollenizer for virginiana, hybrids and kaki. On the photo you see the second type of fruit, seedless, flavor is good, but God’s Gift (Bozhij Dar) is tastier. The first type of fruit is larger and less elongated. Tam Kam, Gwang Yang, Maekawa Jiro and Saijo didn’t experience below -20C at my place, so far… Others went through -23C to -24C.


I didn’t expect that Kasandra would have seeds.
NG is fully seedless at my location. Do you have a male American persimmon at or near your location?