Persimmons 2021

No, no different than Hachia.

Here are my Fuyu and Suruga grafted on kaki. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a true Fuyu or only Fuyu types. I can’t wait to try these.

These are CA Maru, Saijo, Rosseyanka and H-128 all on lotus.

This is Meader on top of a fairly large virginiana seedling that I also have a ton of chip buds on. It doesn’t look promising for most of them.

I’ll definitely need to try to graft more Americans next year!


Did you start those kaki rootstocks from random seeds? Your grafts look pretty strong. Also interesting to see you grafting virginiana varieties to lotus. That’s not something I see very often. I keep my grafts in pots like that too and overwinter them before planting out in spring the next year.

Is that a Makrut I see behind your Meader? Looks like it could use some more micronutrients.

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Yes, pretty random. I believe I bought kaki seeds on eBay a long time ago. I didn’t take great care of them but after a little TLC last year, they looked fit to graft. I’m pretty happy with how well those 2 are doing and will probably plant them in ground in the Fall.

I’m totally new to American persimmons, I’ve never tasted one but really got interested to try them this year. I’ve been assured by some other CA growers that Americans do well on lotus. CA seems to love lotus rootstock. We’ll see.

And yes, not all of the Makrut leaves looks so poorly cared for. But that’s because it’s a trooper. I appreciate the reminder to give it some nutrients and will look after that this weekend!

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Here is a photo of a 5 years old Hao River grafted directly onto D.virginiana. No sign of incompatibility…in fact most kakis graft to virginiana quite willingly.


True @Harbin . I was just saying that compared to hybrid, in my same conditions, new kaki grafts tended to fail at higher rates and also fail quicker if a rootstock sprout gets let go for a few days. If i keep all suckers gone the kaki will take ok, and be long lived. :slight_smile:


This is what I found about the process of removing the stringency out of this variety.

In particular, the local original “Jizhikawa persimmon” is a unique method to cultivate persimmons by hanging (putting) a bag with solid alcohol on the astringent persimmon, removing the astringent flavor from the tree, picking ripe fruit without astringent taste, and being able to enjoy it immediately. Juicy, refreshing, sweet and pear-like, crisp and delicious black flesh persimmons, persimmons acceptable to both those who like persimmons and those who don’t like them very much.

Also they don’t have a name for this particular variety but they called Black Gold Persimmon! Because is very expensive. I imagine because all the process involved in labor, bags and alcohol!!!


Where is a good source for getting Lotus rootstocks from?

Do you know what stage they put the bags on? Is the fruit already fully colored, or is it still green?

It’s kind of a trick if you’re in CA due to the persimmon quarantine. I think a lot of people grow their own, but you can purchase both lotus and virginiana from Fruitwood Nursery in Northern California.


The bags are placed one week before they are ready to be picked.
And also find out that the alcohol not only would help on removing the stringency but to help the sugar levels to concentrate.


But they also told me this is a family secret that they only keep it to themselves, maybe they are not telling me everything. I guess we can try ourselves and take it from there but at least we have the basics.

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Thanks Aaron!


Great, thanks! I’m years away from being able to experiment, but I’m always curious about the various techniques for removing astringency.

I’m the same way, I just grafted quite a few this year and would be years before I can practice this method.

There is a man who has a Tamopan persimmon tree and the fruit look delicious & sweet but they are sweet less and almost no flavor like other Kaki persimmons. I might going to go bagged mine with a little bit of rum! the ones I’m going to buy from him this year. :grin:

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Found a few giants in the swamp. Hundreds of small immature fruit on the ground.



Hi fellow persimmon growers. I need help. My Yates, which is now 8 yrs old, has had flowers for the last two years running, but each year all the fruits fall off just a few weeks later. They seem to have little fruits but none stay on. I planted a Meader and Prairie Gem just last year and they both have one fruit. What could be happening to my Yates??

Also, what time of year is best to graft persimmons?

Persimmons, to my knowledge, are one of the last trees to graft each year. I believe you want to check your weather forecast and try to time it for having multiple days in the high 70s/low 80s as highs in a row for best results.

I am behind you on tree size, but I’d imagine your Yates is self thinning and not quite old enough to handle fruit to fully ripe. Maybe next year?


Hi all and @PharmerDrewee- I haven’t been as active on the message board. Enjoying summer and playing that trumpet!

My persimmon trees have little fruit this year. I did a major pruning in the winter because all were growing too tall and I don’t have much space. I had to ‘top’ them. This led to A LOT of fruit drop- I suspect because energy was put into growth of new limbs and wider growth habit. I suspect they should be fully recovered for next year’s crop!