Persimmons 2022

Strangely my Nishimura Wase is putting out male flowers. For the first time and very late in the season

Zenji Maru is just starting to set fruit like it is still spring. Weird.


Nishimura Wase might be my favorite tasting crunchy Kaki. Ahead of all the PCNA varieties like Jiro and Izu for sure.
Only one fruit on my potted tree this year unfortunately.


I like Nishimura Wase a lot too. The unpollinated fruit are delicious when soft ripened so it has a lot going for it. They were practically dehydrating by the time they lost astringency in December last year, which made them thick in consistency and exceptionally sweet and rich. My tree only had 10 female flowers this year which all held. I think I overcropped it last year, and then pruned it too hard which further reduced potential flowering branches.

My trees flowered last summer on the 2nd growth spurt. That didn’t happen this year for some reason.


My Nishamura Wase seems to be fruiting for the first time, although they are still quite small, and probably will stay that way.

We got some “Chocolate Fuyu” delivered from Weee! I think they are Coffeecake. The right shape, brown, non-astringent and seeded. My wife says some were without seeds and orange flesh, and probably by luck, were soft when she ate them. She didn’t know that might be necessary, unless these were also treated.

Finally got into the yard today after being real busy with work all week. My main Nikita’s gift branch broke off :frowning: and was bearing its first fruit. My backup graft has 1 fruit on it. All my persimmons are small this year. The largest are the not-Izu which are probably some type of Jiro.

Hopefully next week will be some H118 ready. We’re still expecting some warm weather at least for a week or so.

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Wild american… very good and no astringency after a week on the counter.


My unknown is sweet with very soft (almost mushy) texture. Nothing stand out. Prok has better texture and as sweet.

This Prok has five little seeds.


Exactly how I feel about Hachiya persimmons… but they look very pretty…

I would take Hachiya’s taste and texture over this one any day. Well-ripened Hachiya has texture of a Jello. It still holds its form.

This unknown’s texture is spreadable and not as tasty.


Do you remember who sent you the scion? You can trace back to the message and find out the name of this variety. I have lots of American persimmon varieties. So far I really enjoyed Prok, H-118, H-120, Knightville, Meader, Lena, Early Golden, and Morris Burton. @mamuang


Here’s a Miss Kim that the birds got. It had a pleasing smooth texture and simple sweetness.


Since all you persimmon folks are hanging around on this thread anyway, I’ll add my questions & comments here. First, I don’t like astringent types kakis very much, I MUCH prefer native persimmons. But since I have a small tree that is mostly ‘Campbell’ and it’s loaded right now, how the heck am I supposed to ripen them? Can I pick them mostly ripe and let them finish softening off the tree? Birds peck em on the tree if I leave them to ripen. Then they fall to the ground and the banties eat a little too, so I have nothing fit to take to the office and share around.

#2 I have an Early Golden grafted on a local 60 chromosome tree, and it tends to set fairly well, but usually drops a lot of unripe fruit. I have assumed that’s because local pollen is incompatible. I mean, almost all of the fruit is seedless. What remains on the tree till ripe are decent eating, but more solid and fleshy than local fruit. 2022 was a great year for pollination it seems, and I have saved out quite a few seeds from Early Golden this year. So what kind of stunt is it playing to make seeds? Does persimmon pollen only carry 1 set of chromosomes, so that it can work on either the N 90 chromosome or the S 60 chromosome? Any notions? I’m not sure they would be worth growing out, since the persimmons for at least half a mild around us are NOT FIT TO EAT, ever. They never lose their astringency. But am curious about N90 x S60 crosses.

#3 Since Early Golden is so much fleshier and less liquid than some local trees, is that a characteristic of the N types? The other branch on my small tree has Brace #2, which I adore. I assume it’s also Northern, because it has never made a seed. When ripe, the fruit lose their opaque look and become translucent like what I’m used to persimmons doing, NOT like Early Golden.

#4 I want to brag on my WONDERFUL tree grafted from a little wild grove on Short Mtn TN. It sets seed here, so is a Southern type. The fruit are flat, and melt in the mouth. It sets heavily and drops perfectly delicious fruit for 2 months, starting about Sept 10 here in Middle Tennessee. I would be happy to share scions this winter, provided I can figure out how to reach them. Yes Lucky, it grows straight up.

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Would you mind placing them in order of best to last?


Morris Burton/Early Golden/Lena/H-118/H-120/Meader/Prok/Knightville.


Everyone seems to rate Prok pretty low. Mine has not fruited yet, but already thinking of grafting it over. Whats wrong with it?

Meader has fruited for me and although smaller with seeds still tasted pretty good. Still waiting on Yates, Barbaras Blush, Webber, Rosseanka, and an unknown.

Prok is good and decent size but mild tasting and not as sweet like the rest.

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One last question. Out of all that you have tasted, which varieties had the deepest caramel flavor. The wilds I grew up with always had that, but I notice many of the named varieties do not. They have more of an apricot flavor.

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Meader has small fruit but has that flavor of the wild ones that you mentioned.

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I planted 6 persimmons in my back yard and 100 on property an hour away. I started grafting varieties such as Barbaras Blush, Meader, Prok, Deer Magnet, NB-02, JT-02, 100-46. Morris Burton, a native female, etc. I had yet to taste any though.

I got to try my first persimmon ever this week from a local nursery: Early Golden. It was a young tree and smaller fruit then others on the tree. I let it sit a week. It had a strong cinnamon and sugar flavor with some other flavor I couldnt pinpoint. To me, it was a little too strong. I thought it would be better in a bread, for instance, than fresh eating. My first thought was uh, oh I hope all the others i grafted arent just like this, particularly since many others seem high on Early Golden.

My Prok produced a ton of fruit but it was generally bland and 80% of the fruit never lost astringency.

If you search Prok on here, no one ever says they love it. You have to give it credit for how fast it grows though. Sounds like another frankentree in the making to me.