Persimmons 2024

man you got some psycho robins down there. they are peaceful here and rarely even target fruit. too many worms to eat instead.

If you have it stabilized so the cambium can callous without disturbance from the wind, chances are it will mend the break and be as strong two years from now as ever. If you haven’t mulched it to keep soil level moisture up over the dry months, that would be a good thing now to assure continuous soil moisture and nutrition for the feeder roots during the growing season. Two years ago a strong easterly took out my 20 year old Buckthorne male tree. Broke it off at the root crown, it fell against my wood fence which probably saved it from completely breaking off. So I jacked it back to vertical and put in a brace against the wind. It has completely recovered, but I will keep that brace in place since our wintertime easterlies are pretty fierce.
Best wishes for a strong recovery.


Probably best to maintain some kind of wind protection for at least 2 or 3 years.

Also deer or or other critter protection (good stout cage).

I have lots of deer here but they behave well… a tomato cage or cattle panel cage around a grafted persimmon seedling has worked well so far. No deer damage on any of my many grafts.

That may not work in other locations… deer seem to be much more destructive in other areas… perhaps food shortage or overpopulation.

Here I have had deer strip leaves from prime ark freedom blackberries… and from my Gerardi and Silk hope mulberries… but they only got leaves frim branches thar were low and outside my cage. Inside the cage were not bothered… even though a cattle panel cage has large enough holes in it… that they could poke their snouts thru. A minimum of protection seems to work well here… but may not at your location.

Food source availability ?

I mean why would a deer risk poking its nose inside a cattle panel cage to get at a grafted persimmon leaves… when there are 100 other persimmon seedlings just growing out in my field with no protection at all.

I did have a graft of H118 this spring looking good that was unprotected… and a deer stepped on the rootstock and broke it. If I had put a cage or even just a stake and flag in place… probably would have eliminated that problem.



Whats the best pots to keep new persimmon seedlings (and pawpaws seedlings) in for lets say a year, but preferably 2 years?
Is 12" tall like one below maybe fine for 1 year?, but not sure about 2?

Here is an example (12" tall ): (although the reviews are pretty mixed, lots of 1 star ones saying too thin).
I’d also be willing to do air-prune pots, if there are some nice cheap ones you all recommend.

Post a few options here if you can. I want to have around 50 pots lets say.


I bought those exact same cheap pots last year, as I needed a couple hundred and didn’t want to spend a fortune. They worked and held up just fine. I still have some seedlings in them now (chestnut and pawpaw). Pawpaw are on their 2nd leaf and still seem happy with that size, though I intend to plant them soon.

They are only flimsy until you fill with soil/potting mix, then they are fine. But, you need to put them in a cardbord box or milk crate, etc, so they dont fall over.


In this neighborhood, JT-02 wins the race to flower. Coffee Cake, Saijo, and Kasandra are not far behind. Miss Kim, Giboshi, IKKJ lag, as do all the Americans.



My test graft of dormant scion onto green growth seems to be doing just fine so far! I think the black line/callous at the graft union is a good thing from what ive read on here. Buds are swelling, just as they are for the other normal hardwood grafts. I’ve removed the first round of adventitous buds from the rootstock from all 21 trees that I grafted.


In my opinion, this is the best way to graft most things.


I’d be tempted to try this tomorrow. Didn’t know it was possible to graft onto green persimmon wood.
is it an experiment, or confirmed with someone that it works (@kiwinut maybe is suggesting it works in above comment)?


Wow! But boy that looks weird.


I did about 20 of these kinds of grafts today onto green growth on a more mature 20ft tree’s understory side branches. We’ll see how they turn out. thanks for the idea!


Last summer I planted 7 seedlings in locations I wanted the permanent tree to be. They had just sprouted from seeds planted the winter before so this year I call them one year seedlings. They were three to five feet tall and plenty sturdy. Grafted them May and June. Three have “burst forth” and, barring accident, consider them successes. Four have popped out an inch and just set there. I’ve wrestled the wrinkled leaves and the weevils and the aphids with them, but they have just sat there. They haven’t lacked for water, etc. My question is , would you cut them off and do a new graft then now , or see them out rest of summer?

@Jobe – I’ve often seen young grafts react to stress (insects, disease, unreliable water, etc) by standing still for weeks or months. They may be developing better roots. It’s a good sign if they hold most of their leaves. They will almost always show renewed growth later in the year or the following spring. My advice is to treat them just as you would growing trees and hope patiently for a revival.

Keep spraying to fend off the aphids, psyllids, etc.


btw, Cliff said today: "In My Attempts to graft Hard Dormant scion wood on to Green growth thus far Has Failed.

But I have grafted Green growing scion wood on to live growing hardened trees".

Maybe you’ll be the 1st to successfully do dormant-on-green w/ persimmon :).

Oh wow, interesting. Well, hopefully my two and all of the ones you grafted survive!

It’s intriguing that he has had luck with green onto hardened, that would be interesting to try.

For now, my dormant onto green grafts still looks fine. Not that budding out means it is taking, but looks good.

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I grafted green growing wood this year on established trees. Did a pear and a peach. The pear did great. The peach only half the grafts made it.


How old is your Nikit’s Gift, please? Just put one in the ground this spring. Didn’t know about its notoriety for dropping fruit.

Three days ago, only JT-02 was blooming. Today, the hybrid Kasandra (in-ground) is blooming well (top pic), as is the PVNA Kaki Chocolate (potted, 2nd pic). The PCA Kaki Saijo (potted) is close (3rd pic). The PCNA Ichi Ki Kei Jiro (in-ground)seems 1-2 days away (4th pic).


I planted it in 2019. It’s absolutely not the same scenario for all climates and conditions. Some trees hold fruit and some do not. Mine has not held fruit yet.