Persimmons 2024

What is everyones plans for growing persimmons this year? Lets reflect back on the past threads. This forum has really came a long way in growing persimmons since 2015!

What were we doing in 2016?

What were we doing 9 years ago in 2015?


OK, I’ll bite. As background, I’m reaching capacity for trees in the ground, especially Armericans. I’ve been adding some potted trees.

Hybrids: Kassandra (mature tree) has been fruiting. It is status quo. JT-02 (small tree that I grafted myself a few years ago) will hopefully produce a 1st crop. Grafts of JT-02 onto a mature Prok will fruit again. I will attempt to graft a new Nikita’s Gift.

Americans: Hopefully Barbra’s Blush, H63A, Dollywood (small trees that I grafted myself a few years ago) will produce a 1st crop; grafts of these varieties on Prok have fruited and will fruit again. Hopefully last year’s graft of Morris Burton will also fruit. I will add H-118 both as a tree and as a graft on Prok.

Asians. PCNA: Given the mild winter, my three IKKJ (mature trees) should fruit again after last year’s near-death experience. Hopefully my Taishu and Cardinal (potted last year) will grow well. I will add Izu (purchased tree) and Matsumotowase Fuyu (my own graft) in pots.

Asians. PVNA. Again, given the mild winter, my Giboshi (small tree) should survive and bloom. Hopefully I get a 1st crop. Maybe I’ll see fruit on Chocolate and/or Coffee Cake (potted adds purchased last year). No new PVNAs.

Asians. PCA. Given the mild winter, my in-ground Saiyo (small tree grafted myself a few years ago) probably survived. Hopefully it gives me a 1st crop while my potted tree improves on the 1 fruit it gave me last year. Maybe Sheng (also small tree grafted myself a few years ago) also fruits. Ditto a graft of Miss Kim on Prok, which has not yet fruited. No new PCAs.


Adding a few more varieties this year via grafts to my wild DV rootstocks.

Hybrids… Dar Sofiyivky, Journey, Rojo Brillante

Americans… H118, H63A, Mohler

Asian… Cardinal (purchase from OGW).

Not sure if Rojo Brillante is a hybrid or not

If I have success with most of those… doubt I will be adding more next year. Got to stop somewhere.

Lets see… i already have…

Asian - IKKJiro
American - Prok, Rich Tooie, WS8-10 and several wilds.
Hybrids - JT02, Kassandra, Nikitas Gift, Zima Khurma, Coroa De Rei.

If all I add this year are successful that would be like 16 varieties.


I’m pretty sure that Rojo Brillante is a PVA Kaki.


Are you protecting any of your trees? If not, I would be quite concerned that you may have fewer varieties this spring than you had last fall. I would be doubtful that Nikitas Gift and Coroa De Rei are hardy enough to withstand the low temperatures that you had this winter. I hope I’m wrong though.


@mvfd801 … i protected IKKJiro thru our January cold spell.

I did not protect CDR or NG.

We had one night/morning in that cold spell where I saw low of 2-3F and another in the 6-7F range.

I dont plan to do special protection long term on any of these. If a few dont make it… i will still have several cold hardy americans and hybrids that should be fine.

I may protect Cardinal first winter if we have another serious cold spell… but after that probably not. I expext by end of season 2 they will be too tall/large for me to easily protect.

I pruned my kassandra this week and checked the smaller Nikita’s gift… did not prune it but it looked good. Next time i am out there will give it a scratch test… same for CDR.




NG can take some cold as i knew people growing it nearby but it cannot take much past 0F. Im sure with your mild winter it will be fine. If you get a -5F or -10F it will be done for in my experience.

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@clarkinks … i was just researching that again…

Several nurseries list NG as good to -10… OGW and Trees of Antiquity… many others recommend for zone 6a-8b.

I am in 7b now… previously 7a.

But I just read reports from others here on the fruitboard of dieback with -5F.

I have seen -5 and -7F here back in the 90s.
But not since then.

If we do get that again someday… could be trouble for a few varieties. Good that I can lose a few and still have plenty of great persimmons here.



I was assuming that you had colder than that. A lot of my family still lives in southwest TN and they reported a low of -14. I lost my Rosseyanka in -14 and everyone says it’s hardier than NG. I had seen that Nashville reported a low -1 on Jan. 17. I lost all of my Asian persimmons in similar temps.


Planted my first persimmons in fall of 2023. 2 Miss Kim trees I got in 5 gallon pots from edible landscaping. Hoping they will thrive this year. wishing for a few fruit to try but I know that’s not likely for another year or 2.

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got some unnamed wild seedlings and seeds im trialing up here. let you guys know how they fare.


I’m surprised so many of you are in zone 7 or less. Is there anyone on GF that is growing lots of kaki in say zone 8 or above, where you don’t need reliable winter protection besides @murky and @ramv? Do you grow kaki @Bradybb ?


@JustPeachy – LOL. I think the people who frequent the forum are often zone-pushers trying to learn about varieties that will succeed for them – early ripening and cold tolerant. At least that describes me. Also consequently there is a lot of interest in hybrids (as well as Americans).

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The closest I came to growing a Persimmon,was over ten years ago.A Saijo was ordered at One Green World.When going there to pick up the tree,they had canceled it.


I mean but this mirror of this doesn’t occur say with apples, right? Like most people on the forum in apple threads aren’t in the south. Or for that matter, like most citrus growers on the forum are still in zone 8+.

This seems to be specific to persimmon for whatever reason. Not a criticism, just find it kind of interesting.


I’m growing hybrids and American because of superior flavor. Kakis are usually reliable here but other than some PVNA types not all that special as far as flavor goes.


I’m in zone 7b/8a. technically 8a with the change in growing zones but the next neighborhood over is still 7b


Out of curiosity, can you get away with not protecting your kakis in the winter? Is there any winter injury?


there wasn’t any damage/injury this year and I don’t plan to ever protect them for the winter. University of Maryland Wye research center did extensive testing on cold hardiness. As far as I am aware all of the Kaki persimmons grown at Edible landscaping are grown outdoors without protection in Zone 7a.


The U Maryland paper is worth a read. It reports extensive damage whenever temperatures drop below 0 F. A brief excerpt: << Winter injury due to low temperature or to desiccation from high drying winds has been the most serious problem . . . . >>

As 0 - 5 F is the average winter low temperature in Z7A and half the annual lows would be below the average, many Asian persimmons would be at risk of damage in Z7A. The article does give some suggestions of varieties that are relatively cold hardy.