Persimmons for Louisiana’s Children - Part 1

I am seeking a digital copy of Quintin Lee Holdeman’s “Persimmons for Louisiana’s Children - Young and Old”, part 1 on American Persimmon. I have a hard copy of part 2 on Diospyros kaki already, but cannot locate part 1. Does anyone have it?

I may have a hard copy in my files that I could scan.
I recognize the title.
I’m in CA for a week, but I’ll look when I get home.

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Hi Lucky_P. Thanks for the kind offer. It looks like Parkwaydrive beat you to the task. He emailed me digital copies of Holdeman’s part 1, and as a bonus, part 3 (persimmon diseases) and a scanned Holdeman reprint about D. kaki and D. virginiana hybridizing issues. Thank you Lucky_P and Parkwaydrive! Let me know how I can return the favor. Scott