Persimmons in Pots, which rootstock is best?

We are in Z6 and want to try some Asian persimmons in pots so we can protect them through the winter. Aiming to grow them in 15 gal pots. What is the best rootstock for this, Lotus or Natives?

Where in zone 6 are you? Is it 6a or 6b? You might be able to get by with hardier selections in the ground if you’re in a warmer part.

6b WV Harpers Ferry area. Yeah I have some in ground, we want to try some that stand no chance of making it here in ground. We also grow figs so these could just be overwintered with the figs.

Stick with the hardy American persimmon rootstocks. Just incase someday you are tire of the pot and decide to put them in the ground.


Hey Jack my name is Gary I’m in zone 5B in New York state are you growing any figs in ground or all in pots thanks

Hey neighbor, I am just over east of Frederick. I am trying American roots, just in case our weird weather gets weird. Even in pots, you’d probably be better off with a hardier rootstock around here. Are your figs in a garage, indoors, or greenhouse over winter?

I started a fig thread for fun :slight_smile: so this one can be on potted persimmons.

Hybrid seedlings if you’ve got them. They’ll help with dwarfing and will reduce the risk of delayed incompatibility.


@WVMJack – I’d go with American based on the observation that Asian varieties tend to be dwarfing even when grafted onto American rootstock. My 3 IKKJs are ~12’ after 7 years, and undoubtedly they could be kept smaller. Ditto my single Kassandra hybrid after 5 years. Both are grafted onto DV.

Admittedly I’ve pruned all to limit height but this wasn’t difficult. It seems likely that with more aggressive management of height, you could keep the trees to 6-9’. This contrasts with the American Prok on DV rootstock, which I have trouble keeping under 20’.

OK Thanks for the help, it would be years before I have hybrid seeds to make rootstocks so since I already have some DV already in pots we will go with them in pots.

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Local wildlife got most of my fruit this drought year. But they won’t get my potted persimmons. There are two plants (two pots) in there. Both are on native rootstock.


Sorry to hear about the wildlife got all your persimmon fruits. What persimmon variety are in the 2 pots?

The persimmons, pawpaws, and jujubes are about the only things they didn’t get. The two in pots are Giombo and Sung Hui. I crossed these with hybrid males, so I’m being extra careful to make sure I get the fruits/seeds.


Giombo and Sung Hui is there difference of ripening time? difference in flavor? any photos of them? thank you!

Here are two photos of Sung Hui from last year. It’s earlier ripening than Giombo and produces a smaller fruit. Plus the plant itself is naturally dwarfing, which is part of why I’m interested in crossing it with other hybrids. This will be my first year ripening fruit on Giombo, as long as we don’t get an early frost.


Thank you there isnt much info on sung hui so its nice to know when it ripens. it looks similar fruit to miss kim persimmon. since there isnt much astringent persimmons that has the shape of fuyu.

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