Pesky japanese beetles

Been dealing with Jap beetles the last 2 weeks. They love my new black gold cherry. Been shaking them off into soapy water but I can’t keep up. Triazicide is not working. Any pesticides I can buy locally to help keep them off the trees? Also, I noticed this black stuff on the of the leaves that look like poo. Is this from the beetles? Could it be eggs? In The picture below you can see the black crap and the leaf damage.

Also, you can see all the new green growth on my cherry. Should I summer prune this growth back any?


I bought a big butterfly net and use some disposable rubber gloves to squish them. I placed the net over the branch and they just drop in the net.


I use Surround, it works well. Also hand squishing like Tony whenever I see one (I just grab-n-smoosh 'em, years of practice to learn that though).

Don’t summer prune that tree, you want it to build good roots this year so let it get as much nutrient as possible.

I know when i had quite a few of them years ago, the sweet cherries were always getting hit and they were leaving most of the other stuff alone.

Okay thanks. Any idea what that black stuff is?

It looks like bird poop.

Guess that’s the simple answer. Lol. Thought there might be more to it.

I’ve also been completely infested with Jap beetles the last week or two, and as you said, Triazicide doesn’t help much. To answer your question about an effective local product, for me its been the liquid seven dust. I know some people have expressed some health concerns about it, so you’ll have to decide that for yourself. What I can tell you is that it works extremely well against jap beetles. It kills them almost on contact, and there is something satisfying about seeing hundreds of those guys falling dead and laying on the ground! It also continues to both kill and repel those that land and try to feed later. For me, it really is a magic bullet for the J.B., On the down side, its only effective until a good rain, and then it seems to wash off a lot more than other products. The other problem with it is that even the premixed liquid seems to have lots of small undisolved bits in it and they have a bad habit of clogging up my sprayer. Its not a huge deal…I just take off the tip and wash or blow it out and put it back on, but it gets somewhat annoying after a while. But for me, its worth it. Good luck.

Seven is the only thing that I have found to work besides manually disposing them. I don’t like to spray it on but it’s either that or a tree without leaves.


you can mix the Sevin dust with this hand held cement mixer in a Home Depot bucket then pour it in your sprayer.


Why not just use a Sevin formula meant to mix with water- they are widely available. Sevin is the usual home synthetic weapon against JBs. I don’t like it on apples, though, because it can cause mite flare ups. It’s also pretty short lasting so you might want to mix it with the triazicide for a bit more duration.

One more trick that I’ve learned is to use the Japanese beetle traps in a non-traditional way. When I first tried them, I found they are very effective at attracting and killing Japanese beetles but they attract many more from far away than they kill.

So, my non-traditional use was to simply buy them and then mail them as free product samples to surrounding neighbors about a quarter mile away. It both helps reduce the population of Japanese beetles and keeps them away from my fruit trees. Most folks figure…It’s free so I’ll use it.

Guess I’m just devious like that… :flushed:


FF, that is devilishly devious. I will never accept any gifts from you- hee hee.

Totally hilarious, btw.

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@tonyOmahaz5 I wasn’t sure if you were joking or not but I do have Sevin Dust. I do not have the liquid product. Can I really add the dust to my sprayer? If so how much per gallon? The container just says to sprinkle the dust on your plants. The dust is so fine I’d imagine it would pray quite easily.

DO you need rabbits? I can easily ship you a half dozen. They are so cute. I have squirrels too…several colors are available.

Hi Speed,

For power form then follow the guideline from UKY.

For Liiquid form,

Sevin Concentrate Bug Killer is a less expensive option than their ready-to-use … plants, mix 1 1/2 fluid ounces of Sevin concentrate into 1 gallon of water directly into a pump sprayer. For fruits, mix 3 fluid ounces of concentrate per gallon of water directly in a pump sprayer.


They are not here yet. I’m going to use a strain of BT developed to kill larvae and adult Japanese beetles. Every beetle that feeds in my yard will die. If the product works. I’m confident it will from field trial info I heard about. The dead beetles also will inoculate the yard, and anywhere else the fly with the bacteria. Which can also kill larvae.

Thanks Tony. Call me an airhead but it wasn’t clear to me in that link how much dry sevin dust is needed for 1 gallon of water. lots of info in there but not real clear. The liquid part was pretty clear but the powered part was over my head. lol

16.o oz per 100 gallon. Just move the decimal to the left 2 units then use 0.16 oz per gallon of water.


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I got the same stuff you have. I hope it will work. This thing is pretty expensive for sure, but I am so sick to see JB eating my tree into skeleton. JB will not show up for another 1 week in here. But I am so ready for them now :smile: