Pest ID (ant type)

Can anyone help with the ID of the ants in the photos? I have previouslg used Terro liquid ant with good results, its raining here in California so the ants are coming in doors.

Not sure on your ants, but i love the powdered borax and powdered sugar method. they say like 1 TBL of borax per cup but I use a lot more than that mix it up real good and put it somewhere a dog wont lick it (never heard of issues with dogs eating it but why not be safe) in about a week it wipes them all out. You should use regular sugar and grind it up for 2 seconds before mixing with the borax so they are similar consistency or shake them together real good to coat the borax on the sugar


Thanks! I bought this really potent Terro Pco 5% concentrate and applied without diluting with water. I will try the home made method if this liquid doesnt work on them after 2 days. Thanks!

While waiting for the borax to work, the main ingredient in Terro is borax, you can put anything you want to protect on top of a table and shake baby powder, the corn starch type not talcum, on the ground around the four legs. Please make sure that the chairs will not touch the table top and provide a bypass. If you see the entrance for the ants, the powder will stop them instantly too. The powder has to be dry, not wet.

Goos news to report! Ants are gone! It took patience, hopefully the ants will not come back for a long time if ever. Thx!

Ants are 20% to 25% of the biomass of all the animals on earth. We have really nice ants in america and they out compete termites and other problem insects.

If you want a new rabbit hole this is a fun watch

I found out that the brown sugar works better. Maybe it can mask the smell of Borax. The ants cover and consume them quickly just like with Terro, and the mix is much cheaper.

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Makes good sense its very fragrant

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