PHI for Propiconazole - Bonide Infuse

Does anyone know the PHI for Bonide’s Infuse.

I can’t find it anywhere on the label


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Most are 30 days

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Here’s what @Olpea advised us in GW in 2014.

Here’s part of Mark/Olpea’s answers

“I looked at the electronic label and couldn’t find the PHI either. The only possibility that it would be omitted that I can think of is that, since it has a 0 PHI and a homeowner formulation, the PHI wouldn’t be relevant and would perhaps confuse some homeowners. I use the equivalent propiconazole (Bumper) and it has a 0 PHI. However, I don’t spray it up to harvest on peaches, as I can’t see any reason for it.”

I believe Monterey Fungi Fighter and Bonide Infuse have the same main ingredient: Propiconazole - 1.55%.


Wow Mamuang, I don’t know how you remember such things. I didn’t remember writing that, much less the thread, lol. Thanks.


You’ve rescued me from killing my trees so many times. For that, I am very thankful.

I usually only remember some of your advice ( esp. about peaches) and rely on google to refresh my waning memory!!!

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I remember the statement, though not which thread, as it was one which led up to me purchasing MFF. I don’t remember if it was for MFF, but I also recall when you mentioned that the LD50 is higher than table salt, which gave me pause because I eat plenty of table salt. :slight_smile:


I also don’t remember if I said that in reference to MFF, or something else. I looked it up just now because I was curious, and it would be true for MFF. The LD50 for pure (100%) propiconazole (active ingredient in MFF) is 1344 mg/kg for rabbits. A bottle of MFF only contains 1.55% propiconazole, which would translate to an LD50 of 86709 mg/kg for the bottle. Pure table salt has an LD50 of 3000 mg/kg.

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He is a Rock Star! Cannot thank him enough!



That made me chuckle.:laughing: Thanks.

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Sticker ???

Folks- This will be my first year spraying Bonide Infuse Propiconazole fungicide to tamp down on the brown rot my peaches suffer from annually.

What kind of sticker should I use. I’m sorry for the dumb question but I truly have no idea.

@Olpea or @BobVance or anyone else: Any thoughts?

This is the sprayer I’ll be using:

Hi Matt,
A popular one is Nu-film(P).I haven’t used it,but apply stickers put out by Southern AG or Hi-Yield,sometimes in combination with a Yucca based product called ThermX70,usually when spraying Copper on Peaches/Nectarines.