Photo's Don't Download

3-4 days ago my computer stopped downloading photo’s on this forum. I did a system update and checked my drivers to be sure they were all up to date. I visit the forum on my laptop (pc) and not my phone. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should look for to correct this?

When you right click you don’t see the “same image as…” ?

Works using Google Chrome browser on my Windows desktop PC and Android (Pixel) phone.

Windows 11. I get an Image icon and when I click it nothing loads.

While I’m pretty good with computers, I don’t claim to be a crack IT support person, but here is what my first steps would be.

If you have another browser on your machine, launch that and see if images on this site load. If they don’t load in another browser, it is more likely a system issue/setting. If images do do load on another browser or you don’t have another browser to test with, you could try clearing all previous browsing data and history in the effected browser.

To do this, first I would quit out of the browser then relaunch it, but don’t have any sites loaded. If the browser saves your tabs and pages you had when previously opened, close them. Then go into settings (how you get there will depend on the browser and the platform you are on so I can’t give you the exact menu area to find it) - I would look for “personal data”, “privacy and security” or similar. You may also be able to find it under a menu option like “clear browsing data.” I would clear/delete all cached data, then I would clear/delete all cookies and all browsing history. Then I would quit out of the browser and do a full shut down. Wait 30 seconds and restart. Then relaunch the browser and try coming to this site. Hopefully that will help, but no guarantees… just what I would try for my own system.

If this doesn’t work, my next step would be to uninstall and then reinstall your browser.

Just be forewarned that you may have passwords, etc. saved in your browsing data so you are automatically logged into sites you visit etc. and doing this will delete those. Just make sure you have those on hand so you can log back into sites like this one.

Good luck.

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Are you able to save images from other web sites?

Windows 11 v. 22H2, Google Chrome v. 115.0.

Here’s the image I downloaded onto the desktop and now re-uploaded:



It was the VPN on Norton. It’s odd as I’ve been using it for a few weeks and just now it caused problems. I switched back to Norton from McAfee and I have to say I’m not liking the Norton. Every 5 seconds Norton is popping up with something else they want to sell me.