Photos for apples, pears and plums

If anyone would like to contribute their fruit photos to post on our nursery website - with a credit like “Photo courtesy of” contact me. Hoping to add an assortment of photos from various growers.

My little backyard nursery is a startup and while it’s great to trade some scions and graft new cultivars every year, we’re still a few years away from our orchard taking off and being able to go around and take our own good looking photos of them. I’ll probably find all kinds of new scions again this spring so this is an ongoing project, and it would be cool if the community would like to be be involved. I have a few dozen apples, pears, plums on my site now, and probably twice as many next winter - I might only have a handful of trees in each one but I think it’s fun to have lots of variety.

Contact me for a list, everything we grow is hardy is zone 3 so we’re limited to just these northern ones that can take the winter here in Canada.


Please do not sell fruit tree scions from specimens that have not fruited at your site.

Hey Richard, thanks for the note - I would generally agree with your advice. The scion wood that I’m offering is from a commercial source, it’s material that we bring in bulk from a trusted supplier and have extra so it’s true to type for sure.

Several others do! That are on the official list here on the Forum.

Just fine to sell in that case as long as the customer is aware and its priced accordingly. Scion with a proven record in a persons area would be worth a premium.

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