Photos of Caroline raspberry canes needed for comparison

I planted some Caroline raspberries and there are berry canes growing in those locations but they look exactly like Himalayan blackberry canes/stalks (which there have been plenty of in the area). Are they usurpers? I don’t have any photos to post. The Carolines struggled so in their first year, last year, and I’m not sure what happened. I have very little internet connection at this time but I will make some photos and post them if no one has any of their own to use.

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Hi Seedy, these are my Carolines. I have 25’ of them and you can see the row of Ouachita blackberries behind the Carolines! I look at Carolines as a fall cropper as the summer crop has always been small. Also the fall crop is large and the pure essence of raspberry…to me .

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What appears to have happened is that the Carolines, which always (one year) struggled, have completely died, and the little, individually protected areas where they were planted signaled the blackberries to come up there. Each little caged area has a blackberry plant in it instead of a raspberry. Thanks for the photo. The canes on my suspicious plants look like this >>>

I can’t tell from your photo but the canes don’t appear to have these large thorns and the leaves seem quite different.

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My stems have smaller green thorns.


Yeah…I’m just trying to keep the hope alive. Four in-ground hardware cloth tubes with a blackberry plant in each one…I just have to accept the truth. Thanks!