Photos of fruit trees protection

Labor of love.

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Please add your late frost trees protection photos.



Wow, sorry but I had to laugh to see what some of you have done to protect your trees, but kudos to you all. I especially love the one with the light bulb :slight_smile: The question I have is, the weather being so unpredictable, do you keep the frost fabric on for days on end, i.e is it OK to leave the fabric on for a while? It is hard work to remove and then put back on again. thx!

Keep it on for the few days until the cold front moved on. Protection with a heat source like a light bulb work best.


I put these on another thread, but heres my backyard setup for my peach trees

And a pic of the inside

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Light weight sleeping bags were very handy. Wrap them around the branch and zip. I need to find more of them in the second hand store. And I think used tents will be good too. They can be quite large.

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@tonyOmahaz5, do you work for FEMA? :smile: