Photos of Mature Trees

Hey all,

I often see lots of photos of younger or just planted trees. However, it’s really helpful for me to see photos of very mature trees (maybe 10 years or more), to get an idea of how they’ll grow, make sure I have enough space, and see how they respond to pruning, etc.

Anyway, show off those old trees!



20 year old apple tree approx 15’ tall and a bit wider.

20 year old peach trees… I keep them pruned to 10 ft high or so… but they are a good 16 wide.

20 year old crab apple… no pruning… 18 or so tall and wide.

Ordered these from Starks 2002… do not recall the rootstock. I probably just choose semi dwarf… what ever their default was at that time.

The apple is my Early Mcintosh… makes some very pretty tart and tasty apples.

Those are no spray apples.


You didn’t warn me most of them would be naked. I’m still essentially a newby to this world; I might not be old enough to see those kinds of pics. Here’s my Black Walnut.

I’ve no idea how old she is. The house is pushing fifty, and I’d just about bet that this walnut, a pair of maples and a pair of pears were put in early on. Black Walnut is local though, so it could have come before or after. That dead branch at the bottom is well above my head, and she gave me over 2000 nuts a couple years ago. (This picture shows the last to fall.) Got a whopping 8 last year.


My Ayers pear tree almost fits in the photo. I summer prune pears.