Phyllostachys nigra 'Megurochiku' flowering

The title says it all. For those who may not be aware, bamboo rarely flowers–sometimes once a century or even longer. This cultivar has been reported as flowering for the last couple of years, and mine just started. This form should have a black stripe on its sulcus, but in some climates, this doesn’t develop. The mother form of nigra is more than likely ‘Henon,’ which is not in flower–I have two small groves of ‘Henon.’ Flowering bamboo is a blessing and a curse. Oftentimes, the bamboo will die or lack vigor after it flowers; however, you then have seeds to grow into genetically unique individuals.

I am not sure if my seed will be viable, but the bees do seem to love the flowers. I only have my phone for pics so I apologize for the blurry bee pics. I am not sure if these seeds will be viable.
Next years crop


Collect bamboo rice, it’s edible