Phytophthora mulch question


I recently purchased a home with 3 very mature orange trees (navel, no info regarding rootstock). Each of the trees is infected to some degree with what I believe, based on conversations with UC extension, to be Phytophthora gummosis. I’ve also noticed nearly every citrus tree in the neighborhood is also afflicted. One of the trees had clearly been afflicted for some time and had apparently produced nearly 0 fruit the past two seasons. I stumped this tree down to about 5 feet, and now need to dispose of the wood. I’d like to chip it and use it as mulch, as free mulch is quite hard to come by around here.

I’ve been advised to not leave the wood on site. I’ve also read though, that Phytopthora is present in nearly every orchard, and what’s most important is resolving drainage issues to prevent the disease. So my question is- is there truly any harm that can come from mulching the wood on site, given that the pathogen is clearly highly prevalent in not only my orchard, but my entire neighborhood?

I’m also trying to find more info on using a plastic sheet over the wood to “bake” the mulch…

Thanks in advance!