Pick now or leave in the field (pumpkins)


Despite not planting until almost July 1, I’ve already got pumpkins nearly ripe. The intention is to use these as jack-o’lanterns.

Do I have a better chance of them lasting until October in the field, or if I pick them and bring them indoors?


You can pick them now. Just cure them in front of a window or any area with good circulation for about two weeks, then apply a light coat of oil and let it dry up. Your pumpkins can last up to six months that way.You can do this with any winter squashes.


What kind of oil?


Olive oil is good, but you can also use vegetable oil or canola.


Well two of the three of them rotted literally in the time since I posted this.

They looked fine outside and then fell apart when I tried to pick them up.


My guess is that they were well on their way to rotting before you checked. Anyway, sorry to hear that they went bad, and thank you for asking your question. Now I’ll try oiling my pumpkins and squash. :+1:


One wasn’t even fully ripe yet! Basically the day it turned fully orange, it rotted.


Excessive rain, I suspect. (Humid, high ‘heat index’)


I’m so sorry, it sucks losing your hard work like that. I had a few I lost because of the rain.