Pick Your Pic 2024

YES! Inspire Super. $309 ! Yikes! But better than $500. I won’t get to put it on until this weekend which is killing me, but duty calls. I’ll keep you posted.

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Normally I would 100% agree. But I’d really like to buy a new tree of whatever this early variety is, but without knowing, I can’t. I know what you are going to say…just graft it onto another rootstock, right? Hate to admit it, but I’ve tried that several years and never can get it to take. I almost never get peach grafts to work, but this one is even worse. The wood always seems unhealthy and I bet this will be this trees last year. Half its trunk is already gone and it is over 14 YEARS OLD (maybe much over). I guess I’ll try bud grafting this fall but I’ve never got those to work either. I can graft apples, plums and pears with the best of them, even persimmons, but something about peaches just will not work!

This tree was my inspiration for my whole orchard…when I bought my new property here it was the only fruit tree I had (well, it and a not-very-good pear). So I’m going to be sad when it goes, but I('ve tried about 20 times over the years and just can’t get it to take. Fingers crossed for a bud graft…but this tree just never has buds like I see in the videos, so I’m not hopeful. So far I’ve only done traditional grafts where I harvest scion in late winter and do whips or bark or cleft grafting or even use my grafting tool. I’ve had all these work on other trees, but never with this one. I’ve only tried bud grafts a few times, but never succeeded. UGH!


I think peach trees, from what I understand and hear, sometimes are hard to graft. I understand what you are saying but if it will not tale that is a bummer. Maybe send some scions to someone else to see of that can graft it for you before the main tree dies. I hate losing a good fruit tree.
Finding a really good one is sometimes hard to find. I hate having so-so fruit in my orchard taking up space.

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That photo almost looks like a painting.


I’m a big fan of clematis and has about a dozen varieties. Being in zone 7, our peaks earlier, around mid May.


A few more of my ripening trees…

This is a Yum Yum Nectarine. They are white nects and this is one of the heaviest setting fruits ever! I know it looks like I didn’t thin at all, but I promise I did!

These are my white donut peaches- boy are these things good!

And below is my Santa Rosa Plums. I confess (obviously) to not thinning these at all, but as you can see they still make pretty good size plums. ANd I love seeing the tree loaded like this!!! You have to admit, this is a crazy fruit load!


All that looks fantastic. How do you handle the wildlife especially to get the cherries?

Thank you! I don’t have that much deer pressure (some, not much) so they aren’t too bad. All other wildlife except birds really just don’t take or ruin that much fruit. I’ve seen everything - opossums, racoons, coyotes, groundhogs, and and many more. They steal and damage some but with 150 trees I have enough to give.

Now, birds are a whole other problem and I just don’t have a solution. They get as much as half my cherry crop, almost all my blue berries, and damage countless peaches. I actually netted some big cherry trees in the past but it was so much work and damages trees and are expensive and not as effective as you’d think. I’ve tried scare tape, fake owls, pie pans, hanging CD’s, inflatable snakes, playing a radi0 24/7, and more. At best, some of these things work about 3 days until the birds realize its not really a threat and start ignoring them. I have photos of birds sitting on the head of some very realistic looking fake owls! ha. So I don’t really have a solution. I pick my cherries earlier than I’d like too, but thats about all I can do.

You have to move the fake animals around


@thecityman … hey Kevin…

I added gradts of montmorency cherry to my lapins cherry last spring… and got one nice ripe cherry from one of those.

It was very pretty and my wife, my son and I split that cherry 3 ways and all got a taste. Very flavorful… I liked it… quite tart, little sweet.

I added a tree of montmorency to my orchard at our new home place this spring. It is growing nicely. Hopefully in a year or two we get to try more of those.

Have you been able to grow them no spray up there at the top of the State ?

The one that we got this year from the graft was perfect and was grown no spray. Just wondering if that might continue.


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Every year Rudbeckia seed themselves and come up in different locations, densities, flower sizes and patterns. Always interesting to see what I get. Here are a few this year.