Picture of peach tree last year. Why the red leaves?


Maybe it’s just me but peach trees seem needier than other fruit trees. It seems they need more water and possibly (?) fertilizer than the apples, plums, and pears. This yellowing and reddening of the leaves seems to happen each year. Ideas on what to do?


That looks really weird. It hardly looks like a peach tree to me. Are you certain it’s a peach?

If you are, there are some issues going on there. The rosettes at the tips isn’t normal, in addition to the red and pale leaves.

Generally peaches aren’t too subject to nutrient deficiency, but it can happen. It also could be some nutrient is way out of balance. Or it could be disease. Or nematodes.

Could you state where you are located?


The more I look at the picture, the more it doesn’t look like a peach tree to me. Or, if it is, it probably has a serious disease (viral) to make it look the way it does.


I took this photo last year and don’t remember precisely which tree it is. Will have to go to orchard and locate to confirm but feel about 90% confident it is peach. Small possibility it is apricot.


I thought the same thing as Olpea. Its not an apricot either. Do you grow almond?


No almond as yet. I’ll try to get up there later today to confirm which tree.


That’s some sort of plum tree, zoom it and look at the bark.


I agree with @jaypeedee that this most likely is a plum. Perhaps, a peach was grafted on an American plum seedling and the top died and the rootstock took over.


I concur. Leaves, bark and growth does not look like a peach.



Agree looks more like a plum than a peach. But it seems to have a nutrient deficiency, maybe potassium. Could also be low in nitrogen.