Pictures of my veggie garden


Little bit of everything grown in 2017:



Nice harvest and yard too. Naeem. Those are huge cucumbers, and interesting peppers. What varieties are they?

What are those veggies that look like a small green pumpkin?

Also what kind of tomato is that in the third pic?



I do rather enjoy lazing around and catching up on puttery things over the winter. Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew over summer.


Huge cucumbers, and interesting peppers?
Cucumbers are Pakistani and Peppers are some hot and mild Thai, long green mild, ornamental, Banana.
Small green pumpkin?
Those are called Kadoo and almost same like round gourds.
tomato third pic?
Those are big hybrid cherry from burpee seeds.
Please let me know if you have any other question.


You tempted me guys to share a couple of photos from my garden, few years ago. Note that I am 6’1” tall. These are my tomato trees :blush:


Wow… almost twice the size as you are. What do you feed those bad boys??


Huge! Fantastic!


I think it is not just fertilization, but a combination of factors. I learned over the years that working the soil is very important, so I till it 2-3 times, as deep as possible, before planting. My soil is clay, so I amend it with top soil every other year, and some times I add some Scott’s garden soil (which has fertilizer in it). This is also the sunniest spot in my yard, so it gets > 8 hours of sun every day. Finally, I add a spoonful of solid fertilizer in the planting whole and 8 weeks later I start adding liquid fertilizer every 6 weeks till The end of the season.


What variety of tomatoes are u growing. Plants look great.


Each year I grow some 12-18 plants, 8-10 of my favorites and the rest new varieties to try them. My favorites are:
Sun gold, sun sugar & super sweet 100 (cherry)
Beef steak
Super Steak
Cherokee Purple