Pictures of the Uzes marche with the fruits and veggies

Miles of sunflowers this time of year. You know you’re in Provence!


Now, show us what you’ve grown…

Because you mentioned La Ratte potatoes in a previuous post,

…I decided to grow both La Ratte and Russian fingerling to compare. These are La Ratte on the left and Russian fingerling on the right.
They look quite identical but you are right! The skin on La Ratte is very tender vs. chewy on Russian fingerling. Are the ones in your la marche picture La Ratte?

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We were recently in Montréal and they had very similar strawberries as in your market, with similar packaging as well. They were truly delicious, some of the best strawberries I have eaten. I didn’t recognize the variety, they were very round with no real tip so I don’t think they were Mara Des Bois or Gariguette.

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Garriguette are gone by the end of May, first week in June. I too did not recognize the variety and there was no sign. I will ask this Saturday. They were so sweet and delicious! Very juicy.

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Ratte are a fingerling too, but they are so tender and good. Here they start pulling them out of the ground before they are two inches long. I think the reasoning is, smaller is sweeter. They’re just a good easy to cook potato. Roasted they are terrific.