Pineapple guava roots

Do pineapple guava trees have invasive roots? Trying to figure out how many feet from gas line I can plant a tree

Mine is relatively new so I can’t speak much from personal experience yet, but I don’t believe it spreads by root suckers or anything like that. The Growables website says:

Not a problem
Invasive potential
It is not considered a problem species

This Australian plumbing company recommends them to plant near drains or pipes because “feijoa trees have non-invasive root systems” that won’t block drains.


What is the maximum and the minimum distance from the gas line that you can place the plant?

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Well atm I am replanting older trees because I noticed they were too cramped together.i am planting 17 feet apart dot is first is second row.purple is line where gas pipe is.its about 7-8 feet from second row(blue dot)

Thanks.other side of house has lots of space which has a drain feild replacement area.wonder if I can plant there😁