Pineapple guava tree

I have gad a pineapple guava tree for 8 years niw IRS never gad a flower or fruit what is wrong. Jrs in a garden small area and niw about 5 go 6 foot tall want go know why I dont get anything

Welcome to the forum and tell us more about your plant.
What major city is it in or near?
Was it purchased as a seedling landscape plant or did it have a tag saying it was a named variety?
Any one seedling plant might never or hardly ever bloom
Normally, a plant 8 years old and and as big as you describe should be a bloomer.
Do you ever see another of these within a mile or so of your home that blooms?

I live near Canterbury kentbuk. It ws given to me ss z present it was proberbly about 10 to 12 inches tall a small plant . Have not seen any near me but I am partially disabled so cannot walk to far, byob am jn open space near z field there is a semi busy road in front. It was replanted 8 years ago when I moved here and it is not far from a salix tree, but never one bud since I gave had it, I can get someone to prune some of the lower branches if that may help not no worried about fruit but would love it go flower

I interpret your location as Canterbury, Kent, U.K.
That is a mild enough climate for pineapple guavas to grow to a fair size.
Glancing around on line for UK feijoas, looks like results are highly variable.
If you have zero blooms after 8 years on a decent-sized plant, I would consider buying a new one.