Pineapple guava

hey i’m new brother told me about pineapple guava back in nov of how the flowers i did some research about guavas and who might have them.seems mark and pat shafer have different varities.i emailed pat at his email and got no response.does anybody know how much pat sells the pots for? does mark sell plants in pots at the convention? trying to get a good amount to place in the front yard.about 40 or more of them.thanks for your time :grinning:

Try Last year, if I remember correctly, Patrick’s prices were $30 for a plant in 2-gallon pot and $45 for a plant in 5-gallon pot.

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Pineapple Guavas (Acca sellowiana) and True Guavas (Psidium guajava) are different plants with different climate and horticultural requirements.

Why don’t you buy them from a wholesale grower in your area?

That’s ridiculous.

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Grafting feijoas is almost an art, not that many people around with this skill. Anyway, nobody is forcing anybody else to make a purchase, it’s a free market. :slight_smile:

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Pineapple Guavas (Acca sellowiana) is the one i’m looking for.nazemetz was on my radar till i read stan’s comment on which one is more sweeter.seems like mammoth is sweeter than nazemetz.

It’s really not ridiculous. Somebody always has to complain about high prices on extremely rare plants. I don’t get it.

Good luck finding these varieties anywhere else, and good luck finding others who are skilled at grafting Feijoas. Nazemetz and Coolidge are easy to find and cheap if you aren’t discriminating about Feijoa flavor.

He’s looking for 40. They can be had wholesale in #5 pots for $12 in quantity.

They’re not rare around here, or in Oregon for that matter.

Never met anyone successful at grafting Feijoas. Now air-layering, that’s a different story.

In my opinion, Nazemetz is far better tasting than Coolidge and the fruit size is also much larger.

the wholesaler only has coolidge and that coolidge is mild flavor.on tuesday i’m about to disc the soil for when i plant some feijoas.i have a small ranch.these will probably be 70% for the hedge that it will bring and 30% for the fruit.i just emailed pat to ask which varities that he has in stock.joehewitt is correct these are hard to find and my brother have been searching online for nurseries that sells them.

richard u have a link on that nursery that sells them for $12?

Pick up the phone and start calling wholesale growers of Feijoa. The wholesale nursery business does not function online.

Where are you located?

atwater california

I never said Feijoa is rare. I meant that the varieties Patrick sells are rare. He is, as far as I know, the only source of grafted plants from Mark Albert’s stock. Are you familiar with wholesale distributors of Albert Feijoas?

$40 would indeed be ridiculous for a Nazemetz, but for Albert’s Pride it sounds right to me.

heh i must of called about 50-60 regular nurseries in the last 2 months.they only carry regular feijoas.i bought 5 regular ones and gave them to my sister.alot of nurseries didnt know there was more than 1 variety of guavas.i’m surprised when i google imaged the feijoas there was not that many pics of them online.after i plant mine i’m going to take a good amount of pictures :grinning:


Call La Verne nurseries. You’ll probably want to do will call.

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thanks richard and to everybody else.i actually contacted that nursery a while back.seems to carry coolidge and nazemetz.i’ll call again to see if they have brother said i should just get a couple of mammoths and do cuttings from ammoths and put them on it that easy?

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First of all, you don’t graft Acca. You could propagate by air root though.

Second, I think mammoth is generally hype and I’d stick with Nazemetz because it’s a great cultivar, it’s inexpensive, and you can get instant satisfaction.

If you want improvement then I’d go after Lickvers Pride.


alright will do :slight_smile:.earlier i went to measure the area with a wheel meter.i’m going to space them about 6-7 feet apart.nazemetz info shows 8 ht x 6 width.only tough part is putting up the stakes/poles into the ground so the sheep wont go over to eat them lol.

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I propagated some Summer cuttings,using a misting setup or by fog. Brady

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