Pineapple guava


If you have no other varieties, coolidge would be useful, but if you have anything else, coolidge would not be needed.


thanks stan for the i emailed laverne nursery.they sent me the list of trees they have in stock.looks like no feijoas :frowning: i emailed them again to make sure if they have any in stock.37 is minimum order for them to ship.i guess they shipped out all of the jeijoas to lowes and home depot.should of ordered when they had them in stock in dec. if they dont have any i’ll just order about 15 nazemetz from lowes or hd for now.


update:ok so i checked out the excel sheet they sent to me on the phone.on the phone i coudnt see the 2nd page till i opened the excel sheet with the computer.major facepalm:grin: whew close one.i’m back on track:heart_eyes:


So, what varieties does laverne sell wholesale?


You might also want to call Menlo Growers in San Jose. They are a wholesale nursery and have some nice cultivars like Mammoth and Triumph (at least they did a few years ago).


In Gilroy, I believe


Yes, in Gilroy, thanks for the correction.


Good thing they are not in my city! :smile:


What’s extra 10 miles for a fruit tree collector? I’ve been to Newcastle (Fowler Nursery) and Santa Rosa (CRFG scion exchange) in the last two weeks, both close to a two-hour drive each way for me. Not counting Hickman and San Jose in the two weeks before that (under an hour drive each way).


nice.i remember emailing that nursery about nazemetz in dec.i dont remember what price he told me.i just sent an emal minutes ago to ask which varities he carries.i just googled height info about mammoth 5-6ft in height.that sounds good.good thing i have family in salinas and san me a reason to go visit them.:grin:


coolidge and nazemetz


i went to the CRFG festival of fruits a couple of years ago and there I heard a presentation on Feijoas where the speaker mentioned that most of the breeding and improvement of pineapple guavas in recent years has been done in New Zealand, where it is a very popular commercially cultivated fruit. Are these the same varieties that Pat Schafer has? IIRC, the speaker at that festival of fruits was from Santa Monica and he was propagating some of those varieties.


They are not the same. The line that Pat is working with originated as seedlings from Santa Barbara in the 1970’s and are thought by Mark Albert to have descended from an old cultivar called Besson. See the attached link: Feijoa history


Actually, Patrick does have some NZ cultivars, in particular, Apollo, Kaiteri, and Marion. He also has some California varieties other than those from Mark Albert, for example, Moore, Edenvale Supreme, and Flavia (Don Polensky’s selection). And several of Mark Albert’s varieties as well.

New Zealand has a lot of excellent feijoa varieties and some of them are finding their way to the US.


so menlo growers emailed back.they have Nazmetz, Triumph and Similax


I’ve never heard about Similax and can’t find anything about it on the web.

Triumph is supposed to be good according to available descriptions, but mine didn’t fruit yet, so I have no personal opinion on it.


Recently noticed some new flowers on my pineapple guavas. What are the chances these will fruit?

#58 old is that tree? Do u have a pic of the overall size of it?


I’ll take some pictures when I get home. They’re a good size, probably around 5 feet tall.


Hard to predict fruit on a plant that has no previous fruiting history. Your chances may improve if you run your fingers around in the flowers, transferring pollen to the central flower spike. This is better done in dry conditions.